My music library consists of around 20,000 audio only songs and 5,000 music videos which will enhance any party. They range from the 1920's, through the decades to the current chart hits, and cover all genres. To supplement this library I use a mobile hotspot providing an internet connection which allows almost instant access to millions of songs. My first choice software is VirtualDJ 8.2 (note that we also use Traktor) with their subcription model which provides legal downloads. If they fail I can fall back on the HMV, and Amazon online stores. Hence I offer almost every song in the world !

I am probably one of the most experienced mobile DJ's, and the way I use the above mentioned library varies from one party to the next. The average age, and mood of the audience helps determine my choice of songs, along with the requests I receive, and the way they are greeted. If people haven't started dancing, I keep an eye on whether they are tapping their feet, or singing along with the songs as they prepare to dance. The thing is to watch the peoples mood, and respond by picking up the beat once they have settled in, had a few drinks, done enough talking, and want to dance.

Lots of people want to create their own playlist which is something I welcome.

I have a very large karaoke library consisting of mp3+g and mp4 tracks. Rapid song searches, and accurate singer rotations ensure everybody gets their turn in the right order. My ample experience of mixing singers with karaoke tracks will delight your family and friends. These karaoke tracks are from the following companies.. Sunfly, DKG, Legends, KJTools and Pioneer.

The following links contain my old karaoke book in two formats, the first being Karaoke Book By Artist - Merseyside.pdf, and the other Karaoke Book By Song - Merseyside.pdf. These are now obsolete due to the never ending increase in the number of songs.


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